Interstate Narrow Fabrics is a manufacturer of narrow fabrics, including items like elastics, tapes, ribbons, laces, cords, straps, & webbings. Some materials used include polyester, nylon, cotton (both conventional grown as well as organic), Kevlar, rubber (i.e. natural latex) polyisoprene, Neoprene, spandex, silicone, and many more.

Our production includes knits and wovens, both of which are available in jacquard as well as knitted cords. INF can also extrude silicone onto these products, giving your product a gripping effect.  Using proprietary finishing techniques, we can also add anti-microbial and fire-retardant properties to virtually any product made at our facility.

Our packaging methods cover loop elastic (bar tacked), hot cut strips, fused straps, festoon, rolled, spooled and air pack. When it comes to narrow fabrics, our facility is designed to accommodate virtually any company’s needs; if “You Imagine It, Interstate Narrow Fabrics Can Make It”.


CR-692 1" BFC Draw Cord
CR-1120 3" White Button Hole Elastic
CL-735 1" Black with Spandex Gripper
CR-1734 4" Safety Orange
CR-1470 6 mm Black
CR-1470 2 1/2" White
CR-1172 Blue/Gold
CR-805 7/8" Button Hole Elastic
CR-140 1" Black
CR-112 D/R 2" White with Latex Gripper
CR-112 2 1/4" Safety Yellow "Shot Gun Elastic"
9263 1 1/4" B/S (Blue Stripe)


L-707 1 3/4" Charcoal with Silicone Sound Wave
CR-1470 2 1/2" Black with 2 Stripe Silicone Bead
CLN-1629 2" White 2 Stripe Silicone
CLN-1582 2 1/8" 2 Stripe Silicone (Bar Tacked)
CLN-1582 2 1/8" 2 Stripe Silicone
CLN-1500 1 7/8" With Silicone Gripper
CL-1036 2 1/4" Fusible Elastic
QC-16 Navy Draw Cord
L-1597 1" White with 2 Stripe Silicone
L-1556 1 1/2" Printed Signature Logo
L-1414 2" Comfort Stretch Logo with Silicone Gripper


L-1281 1" Gap Logo
L-1078 20 mm Black
L-1082 3" White
L-1083 2 1/4" Blue Gold
L-707 1 3/4" Red / Black Waffle
L-635 1" Trio
L-1556 1 1/2" Signature Logo
L-1667 1" White with Grey Coldpruf Logo
L-1525 1 1/2" Grey with white Guardian Wear Logo
L-1360 1 3/8" Brown / Natural Cotton
L-1140 1" Blue / Grey Under Amour Logo
L-1305 1 1/4" with Latex-free Neoprene Gripper
TP-112 35 mm Yellow
L-1332 1 1/4" Lands End Logo
L-1647 3/4" OB White
L-1630 1 1/2" Jockey Logo
L-1516 2" Fechheimer Logo with Spandex Gripper
L-1508 1" Double Plush
L-1503 Nautica Logo
L-1443 2 1/2" New Balance Logo
L-1402 1 1/2" Navy Non Roll Gripper
L-1397 1 1/2" Scent Check Logo
L-1328 1 1/4" Storm Logo
L-1322 1 1/2" Under Armor Logo
L-1313 1 1/4" Old Navy Logo